Nothing ‘Super’ when it comes to rivalling Premier League costs

Rugby league is known for continuing to value its history and roots. But one thing that has changed is the cost to fans, as Tom Earnshaw finds out

Rugby league and football’s community and working class links are foever embedded in their histories, whether that was a kick-about on the local estate or touch rugby on muddy worn down school fields.

Ever since football was injected with colossal amounts of broadcasting and sponsorship money, rugby league has been seen as the ‘shining light’ – cherishing the link to days gone by – with the sport adapting to modern times through the birth of Sky Sports and the Super League and at the same time imposing limits through its salary cap.
But data, researched by, from the 2017 Super League season has found that the average season tickets across Super League is setting back fans £250 each.
At the top of the list are the Huddersfield Giants, where cheapest tickets cost £305. In comparison, Premier League giants Manchester City charge less at £299.

Noticeably, though, is rugby league’s loyalty to re-visiting fans, with the price of earlybird/renewal tickets being significantly lower across the board. The Giants charge £99, for example.

Refreshments offer a beacon of hope for rugby league fans, with the average pint costing less than £4 and the average pie costing less than £3.
And there should be no surprises at the news of the Wigan Warriors offering the cheapest pies around


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