Newspaper announces Man Utd’s singing of Lukaku with a photo of…Stormzy

Photo: No copyright consent

If you didn’t know who Romelu Lukaku was a week ago, you probably do now.

The Belgian striker is set to leave Everton and sign for Manchester United for a fee of £75m, according to multiple reports. His face has been all over newspapers, news bulletins, and social media – it has been unavoidable, to be honest.

But that didn’t stop one newspaper from bizarrely getting him confused with another very well known person, UK grime artist Stomzy.

Irish newspaper The Herald mistook a photo of Stormzy in a Man Utd jacket as the big Belgian himself, leading to a lot of red faces at their HQ, we’re sure of.

Stormzy has previously worked with United as part of Paul Pogba’s transfer back to the club in the summer of 2016, producing a pretty slick promotional video with the world-record footballer.

But getting him confused with a completely different person is quite peculiar…


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