High altitude masks: What are they and do they work?

Photo: No copyright consent

What are they?

High altitude masks are the latest edition to a long range of equipment meant to better your workout. They allow wears to actively work on their respiratory muscle fitness through ‘stimulating training at altitude’.

Do they work? 

Reaction has been mixed. Alex Viada, a hybrid-training coach and founder of Complete Human Performance, said such devices “simulate altitude in the same way sticking your head in a toilet simulates swimming”.

But research from the University of Wisconsin has found that they bring about significant improvement in endurance, lung capacity and power output.

high alt mask.jpg
Photo: No copyright consent

Who wears them? 

Marshawn Lynch of the Oakland Raiders, Hertha Berlin forward Salomon Kalou, and world boxing heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua are just a few of the stars pictured in them.

Anthony Joshua. Photo: No copyright consent.

SportSphere’s verdict

Right now, it’s a no. They are a costly gadget and because of that we are sceptical when their benefits are somewhat dubious.


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